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Zumba Instructors


Carol Ortiz Carol was born and raised in Colombia (South America) from which she discovered her passion for dancing, and her interest in diversity and music around the world. She has a bachelor’s degree in Global Business and Public Policy and she loves culture and traditions, her journey in dancing reflects that interest. Music and dance are for her “the universal language”.  She will give you a taste of Latin dances, and vibrant rhythms around the world, both modern and traditional. She has been Zumba Certified since 2006, and since then, she has been teaching many classes around the DMV area.  Her motto is dance and smile “Team Dance for Life”. She also has been trained by NAFTA in group exercising, and is CPR certified. She creates a fitness experience, but without losing the dancing value. She believes in balance between body and mind. Therefore, dancing represents the perfect activity to bring out the best in one’s self, elements of joy, and passion will inspire the individual to SMILE and carry all that positivism in other aspects of life.You want to SMILE and Dance for Life!!! Join her journey and Zumba family!!!

Katelyn Bryan

Katelyn Bryant-Comstock grew up dancing and has continually incorporated dance into her life. Trained in modern and hip hop, Katelyn has always used her dance skills to merge arts and academics. She has performed interpretations of The Iliad, cell biology, and presented her masters thesis in dance form. She believes dance brings people together and has a place in every meeting, home, and community! Since 2010 she has been a motivational dancer for bar/bat mitzvahs serving the greater DMV. Katelyn enjoys having fun through dance and not taking anything in life too seriously. Her class will make you sweat, shake, and smile nonstop.


Shawna Malachi, Also known as “Malachi”, has been a certified Zumba Instructor and teacher since February 2013. Her passion originates from the impact Zumba had on her life and from watching her students take part in the healthiest, most gratifying, fitness party around. Zumba Fitness!Raised with a multitude of rhythms in her household (calypso, reggae, hip hop, r&b, soul), Malachi has always loved music and strongly believes there is a healing element in the integration of music and dance.Every class feels like a party! You don’t need to know how to dance. Just move your body, feel the music, and follow Malachi. You are guaranteed to have a good time!