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Capoeira Instructors

Monday to Saturday

Instructor Ali (Dende)]

Ali began his education in Capoeira with Professor Hakim (Roberto Tapia). His years under Roberto have involved a well-rounded training that incorporates development of not only skills in doing kicks and floreios (tricks), but also, learning the history and playing key instruments to capoeira such as the berimbau, atabaque, and pandero.


Instructor  Amado

First experienced capoeira while visiting Brasilia, and Planaltina Brazil in 2009.Began training in Cotonou Benin West Africa with Grupo Ogun Eru; participates in capoeira events and maintains good connections with the group till this day.Started training with Capoeira Sul Da Bahia DC under Professor Hakim, Performs capoeira demonstrations with the group and attends capoeira workshops, Batizados, events in the DMV with other capoeira groups in the community.


Solomon Foster (Monitor Urso)

Solomon Foster (Monitor Urso)  began practicing capoeira at the University of Maryland in 2008 with Roberto Tapia (Professor Est. Busho ). Solomon has been training capoeira at Roda Movements Studio in Takoma Park, MD since then. Urso traveled to Arrail d’ajuda, Brazil twice to participate in the “Encontro Mundial de Capoeira” “World Capoeira Encounter”. Urso received his monitor cord/belt in October 2014.

Jonatha, Ali & Amado in action