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Indian dance

Fridays 5-6pm

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Bharatnatyam Dance  for kids with Taal Academy of Dance

Fridays 5-6pm 

Fees TBA

Bharatnatyam is a classic Indian dance form that consists of completing two levels for complete proficiency. Taal Academy offers Bharatnatyam training where students will learn the history of Bharatnatyam, proper technique of facial expressions, hand gestures and body movements, rhythm and melody.According to Abhnaya Darpana the meaning of Bharatnatyam in Sanskrit is:

  • Bha: Bhav – expressions /emotions
  • Ra: Raag – Music/Melody
  • Ta: Taal – Rhythm
  • Nataym – Dance

Pillors of Bharatnatyam:

  • Nritta:
  • Nritya:
  • Natya:

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