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Cardio Kick Boxing

Tuesdays 6:15pm

JeanetteCardio KickBoxing with Jeanette

Introducing Jeanette Chandler and Cardio Kickboxing to Roda Movements! Jeanette’s classes will be on Tuesdays,

6 Consecutive Classes for $98 starting Tuesday January 8th  6:15-7:30pm

*No previous experience require.


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Class Description

Cardio Kickboxing is a high energy cardio routine that focuses on toning, tightening and increasing core strength. Included is across the floor drills to help increase overall conditioning. The music is fun, exciting, and high paced. Get ready for a sweat fest with this class.


For more info: or call us 301-920-0913

About Jeanette Chandler

Jeanette Chandler is a nutrionist, personal trainer, wife and mom who is passionate about making women the best versions of themselves. After having her son, she struggled with weight loss. And decided to start FIt With Jeanette to help other moms get back on track after having a baby. Her company focuses on building confidence along with redefining women’s bodies and overall health. Jeanette enjoys running, spending time with family and reading. For more info about Jeanette visit her web site: