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Afro-Brazilian Dance

Sat 9:30-10:30am & 10:30-11:30am

IMG-20180822-WA0011AfroBrazilian Dance w/ Flavia Nascimento

Afro-Brazilian dance is the rhythmic embodiment of African oral traditions. In its performance of African oral traditions, the elements of ritual drama, nature, to the leader are preserved. The everyday local dance of a community is mainly represented by movements arising in rituals (not necessarily religious, but cultural), accompanied by strong influence of African rhythms and instruments. Afro-Brazilian dance incorporates Orixá movements without the ritual or liturgy of Candomblé, adapted for the stage from Candomblé’s ritual spaces, samba de roda, samba reggae and other rhythms and movements. The dance also highlights the day to day experience African people’s lives, representing moments such as harvesting, cutting cane, preparing flour, and hunting; or rites and traditions such as the arrival of a king, the crowning of a leader, and death. Agility and release of head, shoulders, arms, torso and hips are common points of movements that range in intensity of energy, slowness and sensuality. Knees bent and feet strongly beating time show the connection to the land.

5 classes for $85

Saturdays 10:30-11:30am 

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What are the benefits of doing Afro Brazilian Dance?

Differential physical exercise, anti-stress therapy, combats shyness, slimming and accelerates metabolism, helps to combat depression, elevates high esteem, exercises body and mind, improves motor coordination.

In this cultural exercise, you begin to learn Afro dance and its variants, a unique opportunity to accompany the history of Brazilian culture and also to experience joy.

Flavia  Nascimento was immersed in Afro Brazilian culture during her upbringing in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil. She has over 18 years of dance experience. Flavia received her training in Afro-Brazilian dance at Tambolelê Cultural Center in Belo Horizonte and FUNCEB (Fundação Cultural do Estado da Bahia/Cultural Foundation of the State of Bahia) Dance School in Salvador, Bahia. Flavia received special training during the Festivas de Arte Negra (Black Arts Festival) which memorialized the connections of sacred African dances to Afro Diaspora movements. Flavia taught dance workshops at the Encontro Internacional de Capoeira Angola (International Encounter of Capoeira Angola). For three consecutive years Flavia was invited to give dance workshops at the Oberlin College Department of Theater and Africana Studies. The Oberlin workshop culminated in a student led performance at the Djapo Cultural Arts Institution in Cleveland. 

Flavia was a a featured choreographer during Joy of Motion’s Studio to Stage performance “Roots: African Diaspora Dance”. She composed masterful choreography that honored Afro-Brazilian traditions of Orixas Dance, Samba de Roda, Samba Afro, and contemporary  Afro-Brazilian movements. Flavia instructed elementary school students in the foundations of Afro-Brazilian dance during an after-school arts program. Flavia then created a special choreography titled “ HER Story Showcase” in which the students performed for their families. Flavia’s dance sessions and practices affirmed the students in self confidence and self esteem. 

 Flavia currently teaches, performs and conducts Afro-Brazilian dance workshops in Washington, DC and Metropolitan. Flavia’s is passionately committed to using her artistry to reconnect individuals with their ancestry. Flavia’s focus is to affirm and empower communities through dance.


FB: FlaviaNascimento/afrobraziliandance